Lunstone International


Here we are some projects that Lunstone supplied stone materials.

1. The Largest Apartment Job2. The Most Luxurious Resort
Tiger Skin Yellow Project  White Quartz Project  
Park La Brea Apartments in Los Angeles

Year: 2002
Product: 850 units of granite countertops
Color: Tiger Skin Yellow
Achievement:Overcame the challenge of variation & veining

2001-2004, manufactured 2000 units of countertops in Tiger Skin Yellow to one single customer.

The Casden Appartments, the second larget one 600 units of countertops inTiger Skin Yellow. Project was finished in 2004.

Luxury Ocean Front Apartments

Year: 2008
Material: Pure white quartz
Quantity:81 Units
Achievement: Locate right material and highest grade of purity,edge polish matches top.

We did this job even before quartz became popular and its manufacturing standard became mature.Lunstone holds accountability on trailblazing things.

 3. The Most Accurate Cutting4. The Most Challenged Edge Finish
Labyrinth    Special Edge Project  
Labyrinth Healing Garden

Job Location: Cleveland, OH
Year: 2011
Stone: black granite and red porphyry, 2" thick
Every piece was cut by water-jet
Achievement: recognized by customer on delicate and thorough selections on color tones all over the places

Unique Edge, Unique Packing Protection System

Large pieces of tops had to sit on top of sticked-out narrow and long lamination bar for packing. Unique packing protection system must be created to make sure no breakage during international shipping.

Year: 2007
Quanity:106 Units